A-Z Information



The Canteen is administered by a sub-committee of the P&C and is open daily. There is a paid manager who is supported by volunteers from the family community. You are strongly encouraged to join the canteen roster when you can as it is only with this help that we can provide a daily service.  There is a hot and cold food menu at recess and lunch time.  Orders can be made online or by paper directly to the Canteen in the morning of any day.  Children can buy fruit or bring apples from home for apple slinkies.  Kindergarten children buying recess generally go a little earlier than the recess bell at the beginning of the year, to avoid the rush.  Lunches are collected by class representatives each day from the canteen.  At the play bell at lunch time children with extra money to spend can go to the canteen to buy over the counter. Price lists and ordering information are included elsewhere in this pack.

Car Parks

Drivers are asked to be especially aware of small people in the car parks, particularly at busy times at both ends of the school day.  Please respect the drop off spaces at the front of the school, and the turning circle in the rear car park. Please respect the 10km speed limit.

Change of Contact Details

Contact numbers, email addresses and home addresses need to be kept up to date with the Office Manager. Children can be distressed unnecessarily when sickness or illness occurs and the contact number is out of date. You can email any changes to curtinps@ed.act.edu.au

Christian Education

Christian Education sessions are offered to students of those families wishing to participate, once per term.  Only students who have parental permission will be able to attend.

Communication between home and school

Working in partnership with parents is critical to effective education and is a part of the ethos of Curtin Primary. Communication with parents happens in the following ways:

Newsletter “The Curtin Courier”

This is a weekly update of school events. This is emailed to all families.

Information Evenings

These are held in Week 3 of Term 1. This is an excellent chance for you to meet your child’s teacher at the start of the year, hear about specific class routines, and meet other parents in your class.  A list is circulated on that evening by parents, so they can share details for out of school contact between families and for updates from the class representative parent.


These are sent home formally at the end of each semester. Reports now include a student self reflection.  In Term 1, a checklist of learning skills and attitudes is sent home in Week 7.


These are held across the school early in Term 1 and are combined with student and parent goal setting which has proven to be very useful in focusing learning and communication. You will be notified of the times available for your child’s teacher.  Additional interviews with your child’s teacher throughout the year can be arranged by direct contact with the teacher, or through the Front Office.

Learning Journeys

These are held around Week 9 of Term 3.  The Learning Journey is an opportunity for your child to lead you around selected work or locations in his/her room and explain or demonstrate what he/she has learnt.  Invitations will be sent home during the latter part of Term 3, and watch out for dates in the Calendar.  Some year groups choose to have their Learning Journey a little earlier, to coincide with the end tasks of a curriculum unit.

Program information evenings

Information evenings are held at various times through the year to provide information on particular curriculum or wellbeing programs.

Coffee Mornings

In week 5 of each term, a Friday coffee morning is held. This is an informal gathering to discuss a particular area with the principal and other staff. Topics are decided with the P&C and advertised in the Curtin Courier.


Please check the website for updates and information over the school year.  Copies of Policies and the Calendar will be uploaded frequently.


All teachers have a school email address.  It is a useful tool for quick information, or for raising the need for a longer conversation. Firstname.lastname@ed.act.edu.au.

Phone Calls

While teachers cannot answer phone calls during school times, messages can be left at the Front Office.

Parent Meetings

Please make a time to meet with the teacher if you are worried/uncertain about anything to do with your child.  The class teacher is the first person to contact.  Otherwise please contact the executive teacher leading that team, or the Deputy or Principal.


Curtin Primary is implementing the Australian Curriculum. Teachers use an inquiry approach to deliver the curriculum in a way that encourages student curiosity and includes areas of interest in the program. At the start of each inquiry unit an overview will be sent home, outlining the curriculum for your child’s class.  The school website also contains a summary and two year plan of the inquiry topics plus links to the Australian Curriculum.  Our curriculum also includes student wellbeing programs, Indonesian, PE and library lessons.