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Curtin Primary School is a member of the ACT Instrumental Music Program (I.M.P.). The I.M.P. is a section of the Department of Education which provides our school (and many others in the ACT) with a package of services designed to supplement the music education of up to 44 selected students in Years 5 and 6.

At Curtin Primary School we currently have a Year 5 and a Year 6 brass band.

To enter the band program, students are assessed at the end of Year 4 for musical strengths (including ability to differentiate pitch, rhythm, and dynamics) and classroom work habits. Then early in the following year, placements are offered to 22 students.

The Instrumental Music Program provides the school with a specialist band teacher for two sessions a week during class time, music books and the loan of instruments for the duration of the two-year program. Students also have a follow up lesson with the school-based teacher during break times.

Bell times


8.55am Students line up in junior or senior playground. Teachers move to lines for brief messages.

9.00am Teachers bring students inside. Roll.  Class commences.


10.50am Students move to playground for recess

11.20am K-2 students line up in junior playground and move inside with their teachers. Senior students walk inside at the first bell and wait outside their classroom to enter the classroom with their teacher. Class resumes


1.10pm Students eat their lunch in either the classroom or junior/senior courtyard. Teachers stay with their class, unless an arrangement to share supervision has been made within a team.

1.20pm Students move to the playground

2.00pm K-2 students line up in junior playground and move inside with their teachers. Senior students walk inside at the first bell and wait outside their classroom to enter their classroom with their teacher. Class resumes.

Home time

3.00pm Students leave the classroom.  Students are asked to make their way straight to parents, or straight home, as the school grounds are not supervised after 3.00pm.  In addition, After School Care uses the senior playgrounds and other children being present makes safe supervision difficult.

Bicycles and Scooters

We encourage students to ride safely to school. It is a legal requirement that all students riding bikes or scooters to and from school must wear a helmet.

Riding bikes, scooters and/or skateboard on school premises, including the car park, is not permitted. When arriving and leaving all students must dismount and walk their bike/scooter through the school grounds to the bicycle enclosure.

Bikes and scooters must be stored in the bicycle enclosure in the senior playground during the day. The bicycle enclosure is locked at 9:15 am and re-opened at 2:45pm and is out of bounds during the day.

Skateboards and in-line skates are not considered to be safe transport to and from school for primary-aged children.

The school cannot accept the responsibility for the care of any wheeled device or associated equipment.

Book Club

How to order from the Scholastic Book Club

Your child will bring home a Book Club catalogue from school. Order online via the Scholastic Australia LOOP website or app and the school will take care of the rest.

The books are delivered to your child’s classroom. If you wish your book club to be collected from the front office, please call 6142 2570.

Every purchase you make earns our rewards that teachers and the library can redeem for items from which the whole school benefits from.

More information can be found here: Scholastic Book Club