Relief Teachers

Information for casual relief staff

Welcome to Curtin Primary School. We hope this information helps to make your teaching experience with us enjoyable. Whenever possible, it is suggested you make contact with the class teacher to discuss an appropriate program.

On Arrival

  • Try to arrive at school by 8.30am.
  • The bell will ring at 8.55am.
  • Your students will be waiting for you to collect them from outside (unless it is raining, when they make their way into class on arrival at school).
  • Check whether you have playground duties for the day. If you have a duty, please be punctual. The roster is posted in the staffroom and in the print room.

In the Classroom

Morning Session

  • Review the class rules.
  • Indicate your expectations to the students.
  • Read any notes addressed to the teacher and leave these in the roll. Any envelopes containing money for excursions or other school activities should be sent, unopened, to the Office Manager.
  • Mark the roll for morning attendance.
  • Ensure that lunch orders are collected and sent to the canteen, which is open every day.
  • Wherever possible try to follow the class timetable, which should be displayed in the room.
  • Use 'time out' in the classroom for any disruptive students. Students who continue to be disruptive should be sent to an agreed upon time-out area in another classroom. If disruptive behaviour continues, please send the student to the Executive Teacher in charge of that area of the school. In extreme cases, if the disruptive student is non-compliant, send another student to call for the Principal, Deputy or another executive staff member.

Afternoon Session

  • Mark the roll after lunch.
  • Where applicable, monitors should collect lunch baskets from the courtyard.
  • Ensure the classroom is tidy at the end of the day.
  • The Newsletter is given out on Wednesday afternoons, to the youngest child in each family only if more than one child from that family attends the school.
  • Do not dismiss children before 3.00pm.
  • Children attending After School Care should make their way promptly to the Hall at 3pm.

Before You Leave

  • Please leave any helpful information for the teacher and ensure all work collected and completed has been marked.
  • Remember to complete your pay claim.
  • Report any concerns or successes to the casual relief coordinator.

The Basis of Curtin School Expectations

That we will be Caring, Courteous, Cooperative, Considerate, use Common Sense and be aware of our actions during Critical Moments.

Behaviour Management Consequences

  • Rule reminder
  • Warning
  • Time out in own classroom
  • Timeout in another classroom
  • Sent to the Front Office to Deputy or Principal
  • Parents contacted

In the Playground

Teachers should be vigilant in moving around their designated area of supervision, monitoring behaviour, litter and traffic to and from the toilets. Areas for supervision include the junior playground, the senior playground, the courtyards, the canteen, the oval and the library. (The last four are lunchtime only.)

On both Senior and Junior playground duty

  • All food should be eaten on the hard surfaces (concrete or asphalt).
  • Children are not allowed access to the oval at recess.
  • Students must ask permission to go to the toilets before entering the building.

Sunsmart Policy

All students and staff are required to wear broad brimmed or legionnaires caps in the playground. Otherwise, they must stay in the shade.

Out-of-bounds or non-compliant behaviour

Use 'timeout' on the playground, or for more serious offences, send the child accompanied by one or two others, to an executive member of staff. In case of or non-compliance or an emergency, send a child to the staffroom for help. Do not leave the playground unsupervised.

Sports equipment

In the senior school, each class has a set of equipment  they can take to the playground. In the junior school, equipment is provided at  the discretion of the teachers. Some senior students may be present on the junior playground, refereeing games and helping with skill development.

Recess 10.30am - 11.00am

First half duty  10.30 - 10.45am

Second half duty 10.45 - 11.00am

Lunchtime 12.30 – 1.30pm

Class lunch eating duty 12.30 – 12.45 pm

Each class teacher stays with their class for the first 15 minutes of lunch time.

First Half Lunch duty  12.45 – 1.07pm

At 12.45pm, having placed their rubbish in the bins and their lunchboxes in their class basket or bags, students are dismissed, and walk quietly through the building to the playground. The duty teacher accompanies the students through to the playground, until 1.07pm. In the junior playground, there are two teachers on duty at all times. In the senior playground, one teacher supervises the basketball courts, the climbing equipment and the handball courts. Another teacher supervises the canteen then the oval.

Canteen (then Oval Duty)

At lunchtime, the canteen is open for purchases from 12.45pm. Students should wait quietly in lines until they have been served by the canteen staff and volunteers. As soon as they have made their purchase, they should proceed to the outside playgrounds. Once you have finished canteen duty at 1pm, duty continues on the oval until 1.05pm.

Library Duty 1.00-1.25pm

At 1.00pm, the teacher on duty collects any senior students who will be waiting near the canteen steps, then ring the bell at the junior steps for students to line up and come to library. Children may play quiet games, read, research, complete work or just relax. Book borrowing and internet access on computers is not allowed. At 1.20pm, students should tidy up the library and return to the playground.

Second Half Lunch Duty  1.05 – 1.30pm

Oval Duty (Years 3-6 only)

Students playing on the oval need to be sent from the oval at approximately  1.25pm to give them a few minutes before the bell rings at 1.30pm, so they can get a drink and go to the toilet and reach the assembly area on time. The oval duty teacher helps supervise this movement then the assembly area until classroom teachers arrive.
At the end of the lunch break, children should make their way to the outside assembly areas, and wait for their teachers to collect them.  You should stay on duty until all children have been collected.