Integrated Inquiry

Through the process of inquiry, the students at Curtin Primary School develop their ability to question, ponder and explore the world around them. Nurturing their inquiring attitudes or habits of mind enables students to continue the quest for knowledge throughout life.

The units of inquiry at Curtin Primary School are based on the content provided within the Australian Curriculum and concentrate on significant understandings that recognise the students' cultural perspectives, their prior knowledge and identities. Our units of inquiry engage with contexts outside the classroom and acknowledge the fact that there are a number of perspectives on each issue.

The curriculum at Curtin Primary has been developed to provide our students with learning and understanding that is significant, relevant, engaging and challenging and reflects the importance of current world issues such as climate change, the world economy, conflict and Indigenous issues, as well as covering our rich Australian history, our scientific, artistic and sporting endeavours and achievements.

Curtin Primary Scope & Sequence 2012-2016