Building Relationships

At Curtin Primary School we are committed to building relationships between students, teachers and parents. We aim to provide all students with learning and living skills that enable them to adapt to change and to foster positive relationships with those around them, enabling further learning.

Curtin Primary School facilitates a number of programs to assist in the social and emotional development of our students. These include:

Friendly Schools Plus

Friendly Schools Plus provides explicit multidisciplinary learner-centered teaching and learning resources for students aged 4 to 14 to enhance their social and emotional learning and to reduce bullying. The Friendly Schools Plus teaching and learning resources for 4 to 14 year old students use a strengths-based approach that focuses on what creates positive health rather than emphasising risk factors or causes of ill-health. It is designed to address three key aspects of students' school experiences shown to be related to improved social and emotional development: promoting positive peer relationships, promoting positive teacher-child relationships, and explicit teaching related to emotions, social knowledge and social skills.

Students develop skills in the following five focus areas:

* Self-Awareness
* Self-Management
* Social Awareness
* Relationship Skills
* Social Decision-Making


KidsMatter Primary is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children. KidsMatter Primary provides the proven methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced children.

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practice provides a focus on developing positive relationships between all members of the school community and opportunities for people to take responsibility for their behaviour & learning. Teachers actively create the space for students to experience situations that develop their emotional and social capacity to support and assist them in taking responsibility for their behaviour & learning. Restorative Practices assists teachers and students to build, maintain and restore relationships. Restorative Practices help build capacity to enable students to self-regulate behaviour and contributes to the improvement of learning outcomes.

Circle Time

With its cooperative activities and discussion, Circle Time ensures that each student gets a chance to contribute and feel valued. Circle Time boosts interpersonal skills, strengthens relationships and enhances self-confidence while allowing the class and its teacher to have an open, honest and fair dialogue.

Targeted students may aldo be eligible for the following programs:


Drumbeat is a flexible program that combines experiential learning with cognitive behavioural therapy, and engages young people who may be anxious or resistant to 'talk based' therapies. It is a therapeutic program using rhythm, developed to reach alienated young people of those at risk of problematic health and social outcomes. It is fun, safe, creative, engaging and rewarding. Participants lift their self-esteem, learn to work cooperatively and are exposed to the therapeutic and recreational benefits of music.

Drumbeat explores relationship issues such as:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Identity
  • Social responsibility
  • Teamwork

Kulture Break

Kulture Break promotes healthy living, positive values and an engagement with the arts. This program uses hip hop dance to engage young people in a safe and productive environment.