Reporting to Parents

Curtin Primary teachers and staff work with parents to provide the best possible opportunities for children at our school. To help forge strong links between home and school we have a number of avenues for communication and reporting.

Parents are encouraged to arrange a time to meet with the teacher to discuss any queries or concerns that arise during the year. The school will also contact parents should anything need immediate or ongoing attention.

Term Overviews

Teachers provide a written outline of the planned program for each term.

Information Sessions

At the beginning of each school year parents are invited to an information session with the class teacher.

Sharing Our Learning

Children invite their parents to the classroom to join them for a little while on their learning journey, sharing examples of the work they have completed and what they have learnt, in a relaxed atmosphere. We also encourage parents to visit regularly to participate in students' rich task presentations.

Mid Year Interviews

Teachers invite parents to meet with them to discuss progress.

Mid and End of year Reporting

Teachers provide a written report twice a year, providing a description of progress in the eight key learning areas, as well as social development, including A-E Reports for Years 1-6.