The Arts Curriculum focuses on developing students' capacity to create, present and appreciate a range of art forms, including dance, drama, music, visual arts and media.

The processes of creating, presenting and appreciating are interconnected. Creating and presenting artistic works inform, and are informed by, understandings of conventions, technical skills and aesthetic qualities gained through engagement with and response to the artistic works of others.


There is a strong commitment to music at Curtin. All children explore a wide variety of musical experiences relating to creating, performing and appreciating these aspects of The Arts. Our aim is to present every child with a sequential program of active participation and enjoyment in music throughout the primary years. Curtin is also a part of the ACT Instrumental Music Program.

Children are auditioned in Year 5 for the brass band. We currently have two brass bands who perform regularly at school and community events.

Performing Arts

Dance and drama experiences are incorporated into curriculum work units. Opportunities are provided to perform for a variety of audiences. Students are encouraged to align the arts with their unit of inquiry learning. Curtin has recently subscribed to Every Chance to Dance and the staff look forward to following the students’ journey in dance.

Visual Arts

As well as focused lessons in the classroom relevant to their units of inquiry, all students contribute to the Curtin Primary School Annual Art Show. Students contribute both a class piece and are invited to submit individual items.

While the Australian Curriculum in the Arts continues to be developed, Curtin Primary School utilises the ACT curriculum framework, Every Chance to Learn.