Curriculum & Assessment

At Curtin Primary, the Australian Curriculum is in full implementation. Every chance to learn can be used as a tool for teachers to plan for areas where the Australian Curriculum is not yet released. The inquiry strand of the curriculum is highly valued. All students are explicitly taught the skills for inquiry as well as being guided through inquiry units. The General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities of the Australian Curriculum are also valued.

In general, the following principles guide teaching and learning at Curtin.

  • Where possible, curriculum delivery should be differentiated to ensure each student receives learning and extension at their point of need.
  • Teachers balance whole class, small group and individual sessions for teaching and student work.
  • Where possible, all subjects should be integrated, with explicit teaching of skills and opportunities for independent practice.
  • Inquiry processes guide teaching.
  • Students should receive regular and targeted feedback.
  • Teaching programs, classroom teaching and assessment tasks should be designed with consideration of the Quality Teaching Model.
  • Units of work should be designed using backwards by design processes, use big understandings and involve students in working over time on an integrated major task that culminates the unit.
  • Students are to be engaged in meaningful learning during all classroom sessions.